At, buyers have access to multiple weekly online vehicle auctions. Our buyer database contains over 8,500 registered dealers throughout North America to ensure your vehicles get the exposure needed to maximize your returns, from the highest paying markets. Consignors can track vehicles online, view comprehensive digital condition reports, and watch the auction from anywhere removing the mystery of traditional live auctions. Other popular features include guaranteed payouts within 2 business days via EFT, detailed bidder reports for your internal audit, and archived digital inspections at your disposal.


All facilities offer complete vehicle detailing in their service bays. Services at your disposal include; full & partial detail, decal removal, engine shampoo, tar removal and undercarriage de-mudding. Additional services include pre or post sale mechanical inspections, mechanical repairs, Paintless Dent Removal and windshield replacement.


Long term relationships and volume discounts with reputable trucking & rail companies enables to get you the best possible pricing on transport to and from auction. As rates do vary with fuel costs please feel free to contact us for current rates.


At we understand that you may have your own Remarketing process and just simply need a secure venue to provide storage, inspections, and marshalling. We can create a custom and branded package for lenders giving you the “bricks and morter” needed to facilitate these transactions.

Please contact your local facility for more info.

Financial Services has developed long term relationships with Dealer Floorplan Companies such as Next Gear Capital, and AFC Finance allowing quick and secure payments from our buyers banks. This allows for smooth tranactions and quicker payouts to our Sellers.

Other transactional services such as Off Block Sales and Fleet Buyouts are available upon request.


Unsure if an auction is right for your needs? Not interested in auctions fees, transportation, and risk. Need to liquidate quickly?

At we also offer Fleet Buyouts where after an appraisal of your vehicle we present a Fair Market Value offer to purchase the vehicle outright. Once offer is accepted payment is guaranteed within 48 hours.

Selling a vehicle can come with some decisions to be made; the most common we see is to Repair or Sell “AS IS”. We can guide you through this process to ensure you are spending “smart” money on repairs that will get you a return on your selling costs.

We offer consultation services to business, small and large throughout Canada and the USA. Our experts are always available to help and guide you through the auction process and to answer any questions you might have.

Your Online

Auction Advantage 

Weekly Auctions hosts weekly online auto auctions from several locations throughout Western Canada & USA. With over 8,500 registered buyers eagerly awaiting your inventory, we ensure your returns are maximized quickly.


Our Dealer database focuses on the top buying markets in North America and not just the local market. This translates into higher returns for our sellers, especially when local market are not providing adequate returns.

Experience has sold over 85,000 vehicles since our inception in 2000. With over 25 years of experience in traditional and online auctions, backed by 3 generations of auctioneering DNA we’ve got you covered.


Our mobile-responsive platform maximizes sales by allowing registered buyers and sellers to participate via their smartphones.

One Stop

At all your vehicle remarketing needs are handled under one roof. Transportation, Reconditioning, Mechanical, Auction Services, and Title Services all handled under one roof creating a seamless sales cycle.


Time is Money, YOUR money, and at we understand that!

Seeking a targeted marketing process for your vehicle sales? We’ll help you meet your targets with ease.


Access a prime selection of top quality inspected vehicles from a reputable provider.