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Fleet Auction Service

Weekly Auctions hosts weekly online auto auctions from several locations throughout Western Canada & USA. With over 8,500 registered buyers eagerly awaiting your inventory, we ensure your returns are maximized quickly in a cost effective manner.


Our Dealer database focuses on the top buying markets in North America and not just the local market. This translates into higher returns for our sellers, especially when local market are not providing adequate returns.

Experience has sold over 85,000 vehicles since our inception in 2000. With over 25 years of experience in traditional and online auctions, backed by 3 generations of auctioneering DNA, we know the auction industry inside and out and are well versed in anything automotive.


Our mobile-responsive platform maximizes sales by allowing registered buyers and sellers to participate via their smartphones.

One Stop

At all your vehicle remarketing needs are handled under one roof. Transportation, Reconditioning, Mechanical, Auction Services, and Registration\Title Services all handled under one roof thereby creating a seamless sales cycle. Whether you have a fleet of 1 or 100 you will experience the same level of service, transparency and consistency.


Time is Money, YOUR money, and at we understand that!

Fleet auction sellers and buyers enjoy:

  • Online vehicle tracking
  • High quality, professional images
  • Detailed descriptions, condition reports, and inspections
  • Guaranteed payouts within two business days
  • Detailed bidder reports on all used car auctions
  • For more information and guidance regarding our fleet auction services, register below and our team will be in touch as soon as possible.

    Seeking a targeted marketing process for your vehicle sales? We’ll help you meet your targets with ease.


    Access a prime selection of top quality inspected vehicles from a reputable provider.