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If your company is interested in any of the below services provided by Remarket.ca , or if you would like to schedule an appointment with a Remarket.ca representative in your area please click here.

Services provided:


As vehicle remarketing specialists CRG is pleased to offer you several remarketing options.
  1. Online sales- At www.remarket.ca buyers have access to weekly online vehicle auctions across Canada. Our national buyer database contains over 3,000 registered dealers and companies ensuring your vehicles get the exposure needed to maximize your returns. Consignors can track vehicles online, view
    digital condition reports, and watch the auction from any PC with an internet connection- removing the mystery of traditional live auctions. Other popular features include guaranteed payouts within 2 business days, detailed bidder reports for your internal audit, and archived digital inspections at your disposal.

  2. Remote Sales- Through our national network of qualified vehicle inspectors Remarket.ca offers customized remote or “off site” sales for both regional and national clients. This is an ideal solution for companies that have vehicles in remote locations or have vehicles scattered throughout the country.

  3. Employee Purchase Programs- Eliminate the hassle and guesswork of selling vehicles within your company by allowing your employees to bid in a truly competitive environment. At your discretion, employees are given a login and access code to bid against our dealer database. This program ensures you
    obtain fair market value while at the same time giving your employees the opportunity to purchase company vehicles.

  4. Retail Sales Program- With a loyal retail following Remarket.ca can facilitate retail sales for select units. This program works well for “retail ready” units
    or for clients that own their fleet and aren’t under the constraints of lease payments as the remarketing cycle is typically longer than auction.
    (Note, this feature is currently only available at Calgary location)


Using our proprietary handheld inspection devices all Remarket.ca inspectors have the industry training to properly inspect your vehicles. This is a crucial step in the remarketing cycle as accuracy and consistency will not only save you time and money but creates confident and repeat buyers. For more information on our inspection process click here.


All Remarket.ca have the ability to store (& inspect if needed) vehicles for short or long term periods. Please contact your local Remarket.ca facility for more


All Remarket.ca facilities offer full, in house, reconditioning services. Services at your disposal include; full & partial detail, decal removal, mechanical
inspection & repair, PDR and windshield replacement.


Long term relationships and volume discounts with reputable trucking & rail companies enables Remarket.ca to get you the best possible pricing on transport to and from auction. As rates do vary with fuel costs please feel free to contact us for current rates.

Bailiff Services

A partnership with our in house bailiff team, Western Civil Enforcement Agency, allows us to offer our clients full bailiff & seizure services throughout Alberta.
This offering gives our Bank & Trustee clients a complete solution under one roof. The seized vehicle is only moved once- reducing your selling costs and
ensuring you maximum returns. From seizure, to inspection, to storage, to sale, liquidating your assets has never been easier. Storage rebate programs are available with volume. (Note, this feature is currently only available in Alberta)


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